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dla goodmuffin ;3;

+Dashou+ by kyliott


Teen Ponies_SpeedPaints by Tsitra360 Results from yesterday’s Live art streams on Picarto. This was practice at speed painting, trying to improve my rendering skills and speed.
They are also teens, though that is kinda hard to visualize with just heads. (Except spike, he’s a baby, and he has no arms because this is just heads)

Surfin’ by Sandra626

- How did you do those spells? Nopony can do those spells!
- You’re right… not even me. Zecora taught me so much about magic while I was in exile. She even taught me when not to use it. My magic alone wasn’t powerful enough to take on the Alicorn Amulet head-to-head. So I needed to use a different kind of magic. The magic of friendship!

(via theepicblogofponies)


Somepony Needs A Hug by DanielSplatter